Monday, March 10, 2008


This morning I was excited to read that a group of Southern Baptists are stepping up their game in caring for our environment. It is great to see the church responding to what could possibly be the most pressing issue our global-community is facing. The Southern Baptist has a membership of 16 million people. We can only hope that this emphasis on stewardship of creation will spread through all denominations like a shock wave. Secular scientists have already declared that our environmental problems, pollution and global warming, are deeply rooted spiritual issues. I agree. Read my previous blog on Christianity and the Environment for helpful guidance in adopting a christocentric approach to caring for creation.
Here is the link: Christianity & Environment

The link to Southern Baptist: church to step up climate fight.

Additionally, the Vatican has added care of creation to the list of their "deadly sins." 7 Deadly Sins

Question: Does your church leadership emphasize caring for creation? In what ways have you heard them or seen them practice Biblical stewardship of our earth?

Food for thought: Population Growth

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